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Know Facts About Bulk Shopping.

In effort to keep your overall grocery bill down, you might be in the habit of purchasing food in bulk. When you turn yourself into bulk shopping, it would only mean that you would tend to buy big sizes of boxed breads, extra large size of oils and soy sauce, or even huge boxes of butters and other necessities in your home that would make you spend much lesser than buying it individually. This could be doing a number on your health affecting both your blood sugar levels and your weight, introducing the possibility of developing some of the complications associated with Type 2 diabetes. In some cases, having a “bulk” amount of food in your home can actually make it harder to stick to your diabetic eating plan and weight loss efforts.

There are still some ways on how to achieve your eating habit without sacrificing bulk shopping, one thing is by taking off from your grocery the amount of food that you will only need right after you have grocery. Then, take any additional food and store it somewhere you won’t be looking at it each time you open the pantry. However, if the additional foods that you bought needs to be stored in a freezer, then put it in a large freezer, not the freezer that you have in your fridge. Using saved smaller containers is a good idea as this will allow you to fill those up as needed. The more food you see available, the more likely you are to eat when the opportunity presents.

Apart from the health complications that may be encountered in a bulk shopping is the size of the food that you will eat since the food sizes usually comes in gigantic form. For instance, you will only buy one muffin for yourself, but you ended up buying a muffin good for three servings. Eat those in a single sitting and you’ll be taking in 600+ calories. Once you arrive at your home, you can already re-portion the gigantic sized foods that you have bought from bulk shopping. Anything that you bought which is too much for its size can still be cut into three or two. After you have re-portioned the gigantic sized foods that you have bought, you can now store each parts into a small container.

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